Transport Services - Shipping, Warehousing & Logistics

We provide transportation, warehousing & logistics services for distributors of goods anywhere in the continental United States and Canada. Contact Keeler Transport today by phone at 1-866-586-5112. Or click here for complete contact information.

Shipping Services

We provide shipping services for van, refrigerated freight, flat bed goods and live floor freight. In addition to this we also offer shipping services for over dimensional freight and specialized freight. Quite simply we can get your freight moved no matter what the requirements are. Our freight delivery services are the industry standard.

Warehousing Services

We also offer warehousing services for customers who need to get freight off site but can't yet move it. We will hold your freight in our warehouses and move it whenever you are ready. This is important to ensure time sensitive freight can reach its destination on schedule.

Logistics Services

Use our 3rd party logistics service to track and maintain shipment integrity. Tracking and knowing where your cargo is gives our customers a piece of mind.